Party Bus Guide for 2024 Citywide Christmas Light Tours

Party Bus Guide for 2024 Citywide Christmas Light Tours

Are you looking to add some ⁤holiday cheer⁢ to your celebrations this holiday season?⁢ Philadelphia Limo is offering ​a party​ bus guide for their Citywide ​Christmas Light ‍Tours. Their luxury ‍limousines and party buses are the perfect way to view all of the beautiful Christmas⁢ lights around‌ the city. Whether ‌you’re⁢ looking for an elegant night out for two or a joyful ‌evening with family or friends, Philadelphia‍ Limo’s Citywide Christmas⁤ Light⁢ Tours promise ​to⁢ create lasting memories. Learn ⁢more about their services and prices below.

Table of Contents

1. Overview⁤ of the Different Tour Options

Different Tour Options

  • VIP Tour: Offering⁤ an extravagant experience, this tour includes pick-up and drop-off services, as well as a sit down dinner.
  • Deluxe Tour: Aimed‍ to provide more of a mid-tier experience,‍ this tour‌ includes an ‍on-board heated cabin ‌and snacks, as⁢ well as beverages.
  • Standard⁣ Tour: The perfect tour for‌ budget-friendly travelers, this tour includes​ all ‍access to the amazing Christmas lights, audio commentary,⁢ and beverages.

Philadelphia Limo’s Party Buses ‍offer the perfect way to experience the‍ famous Citywide⁣ Christmas Light ⁤tours. With buses that accommodate up⁤ to 15 people,⁢ groups of all sizes will be able to enjoy ​this magical opportunity with ease. The tour takes approximately four ⁣hours and is tailored to fit ‌each ⁣group’s needs,⁢ catering to the preferences and⁤ interests of each individual.

Travelers‍ are able ⁢to⁢ choose from three distinct tours, VIP, Deluxe or⁢ Standard⁢ tours, to ⁤suit their individual needs. The VIP tour offers a truly⁢ luxurious experience with pick-up‌ and drop-off services, and a sit down dinner. The Deluxe ⁢tour is aimed to provide more of a mid-tier experience, with an on-board heated cabin, snacks and⁢ beverages. Lastly, the Standard⁣ tour comes equipped with all access‍ to ⁣the Christmas light‌ display, audio commentary and ⁤beverages⁣ for a budget-friendly rate.

However, no matter the option picked, rest⁢ assured that Philadelphia Limo’s experienced drivers and knowledgeable tour guides will make the party bus experience unique and‌ unforgettable!

2. What to ⁣Know Before Taking the Tour

Essential Information ⁢for ‌Booking a Christmas Light Tour

Philadelphia Limo provides ‌extraordinary citywide Christmas light tours aboard⁣ comfortable and luxurious ‌party buses. To ensure that‍ your experience is perfect, there​ are a few important things ⁤to know:

  • Advance reservations are required. Book ⁣early to‍ secure your desired time and date.
  • Pick up locations ​are flexible with the exception of travel ⁣to PA Turnpike locations, which may ⁣incur additional charges.
  • Bring your own beverages or snacks. No red drinks or confetti are permitted on board.
  • Children five years of age and under are required to ride in a car seat and‌ must be supervised by an adult at all⁣ times.
  • Smoking, ⁣including e-cigarettes, protective masks, and other vaping devices, is not permitted on the buses.

Bus Amenities

Philadelphia Limo’s party buses are​ fully ‌stocked with amenities that ​make for a wonderful riding experience,⁣ including:

  • Luxurious leather seats for maximum comfort
  • Speakers and music to set the‌ mood
  • Big screen TVs to ⁣enjoy ‌your favorite⁣ movie ⁢or game
  • Large tinted windows‍ to bring holiday spirit to life
  • LED lighting inside and out for that special nighttime glow

The driver will also provide a complimentary bottle of sparkling cider or Champagne⁣ to‌ help you celebrate the season! ⁤In addition, all buses ‌are cleaned prior‍ to each ‌tour and sanitized thoughout and afterwards.

3. ‌Enjoyment and Safety Tips for ‌Passengers

If you’re planning to tour the‌ Citywide Christmas Lights in Philadelphia this year on board the limo service​ provided⁤ by Philadelphia Limo, here are some key tips to keep in mind for maximum enjoyment and safety:

  • Wear ⁤comfortable clothing and footwear. You’ll ‍be ​sitting in a vehicle and touring a⁣ variety of lights for hours, so dress according to the comfort‌ level you need.
  • Soundproofing optional. If you want ⁣to experience the joy⁢ of sound with the sight of Christmas lights, our limos will provide you with a soundproof environment.
  • Bring a ‌camera. You ‍don’t want ⁢to miss out on the opportunity to take photos of the magnificent Citywide Christmas Lights.

We also ensure that our passengers are safe and secure while‍ on board the ‍limousines. ⁤Our ​vehicles are well-maintained to make sure you and your belongings come to no harm during your trip. We recommend that passengers travel ‍light and inform us if ⁤they have ⁣any medical condition that may⁣ require attention. This way, ⁣we can provide the⁢ necessary precautions to ensure your safety and⁣ comfort.

4. Advantages ‍of Selecting a Party Bus for Your Citywide Christmas Light Tour

Organizing a Christmas light ​tour can be an overwhelming experience, ​given the number of transportation⁣ options and ​the ever-changing city streets. Philadelphia Limo wants to make the process​ easier for you by providing reliable party bus service. Aside from efficient and ​punctual transportation, here are ‍some other ‍advantages of choosing a party bus for the‍ tour.

  • The party bus is able to​ transport up ​to 22 people ⁢at a time, making it ideal for larger groups.
  • The onboard stereo system and ‍dimmable lights make for a unique, fun atmosphere while traveling.
  • The luggage space ‌and overhead racks are available to keep parcels, gifts, and⁢ baggage stored safely.
  • The LimoBus has a complimentary chilled water supply to help keep travelers hydrated.

Having a designated driver is another advantage of ⁢selecting party bus for the tour, as it eliminates the stress of navigating unfamiliar highways and ‌backstreets. Sitting back​ comfortably in the air-conditioned cabin and enjoying the passing dazzling lights, accompanied ​by festive ‍tunes, makes for a memorable tour for​ the whole family.

Philadelphia Limo is confident that ⁢its services ⁣will make your ⁢Citywide​ Christmas Light Tour hassle-free and enjoyable. With experienced and friendly drivers, this safe and ‍comfortable mode of transportation promises to make the tour a safe and joyful one ⁢for⁣ you⁤ and your friends.


What is a party bus?
A party bus is a large vehicle ⁢that has been modified for the purpose of ⁣transporting passengers to ‍and from ​parties ⁢and events. ⁣They typically feature‌ a small dance floor, bar, and seating area.

How much does⁢ a party bus cost?
Party buses typically ‌cost ​between $100 and‍ $300 per hour.

What is the capacity ‌of a party⁣ bus?
Party buses typically seat⁢ between​ 20 and 40 people.

How long does a party bus rental last?
Most party bus ⁤rentals‍ last⁣ between 4​ and 8 ​hours.

Closing⁢ Remarks

If you’re looking for a fun and​ festive way to celebrate Christmas this year, consider⁤ taking a party bus ‌tour of the city’s best Christmas lights. ‌This ⁤guide will help you plan the perfect party bus experience for you and your friends.

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